The Knit Picks Onyx Swift. Save Time Winding Hanks of Yarn into Balls!

We are always looking for ways to save time, aren’t we?
I found an awesome tool that has no rubber on it, and in a few quick minutes you can have your yarn wound into readily usable balls from those intimidating hanks!

     We are always looking for ways to save time, aren’t we? If you have a latex allergy, everything seems to take longer. For instance, cooking from scratch every day is time consuming. So, you look for ways to save time with other things you do. When I knit or crochet and I get yarn in hanks, I always look at winding them into balls as a daunting task. It’s either find someone to help who is willing to hold their arms up at certain tension until you get the yarn wound up into a ball; or if you can’t find a willing soul or you are living by yourself, sometimes you try the method of putting the hank over the back of a chair or a wash basket but ultimately the yarn gets bound into knots before you are through and you either waste some of the yarn or take an hour to unknot it. All of it takes a lot of time.

I found an awesome tool that has no rubber on it, does not use any rubber bands or masking tape to hold it together for storage and in a few quick minutes you can have your yarn wound into readily usable balls or cakes if you use a ball winder. It’s the Yarn Swift!

 It comes in two colors, natural and Onyx. I personally love the onyx because it makes the yarn colors pop while I am winding them. It is made with birch wood and is laminated in the black color. It comes with a plastic reusable netting for storage. It is durable and has metal screws and a plastic stopper at the end to prevent scratches when you clamp it to your table for stability.

It is really easy to use. You just clamp it to the table or surface that is no thicker than 1 ½ inches. You open the hank of yarn, put it on the swift, push up on the lower center of the swift until it opens and the yarn stays on its own a tension so it won’t fall off and tighten the center screw. Here is a link to my video how I use it. I hope it helps. Once you clip the strands of string holding the hank together and find the ends of the yarn, you can wind away. It is so quiet and spins as fast as you can wind. I like to wind a bunch of hanks into balls at the same time so they are ready when I want to knit. You won’t believe how much time it saves!

I never look at those hanks of yarn as a project of their own to be wound into useable balls. The Knit Picks Onyx Yarn Swift has solved that problem by saving me time, it is fun to use and it also did not cause any latex reactions when I used it. There are no rubber or coated parts. The quality of this tool is outstanding and will last for years and probably generations. It is a fun tool to use and if you have a ball winder, you will really save a lot of time. Get those hanks turned into balls of readily usable yarn so when you have time to knit, crochet or weave, you can get right to it. Have a ball! 

Treat Yourself to some Razzle Dazzle Llama Pouches, Mug, Basket and Yarn!

How do you treat yourself when you are allergic to Latex? When you want to celebrate or pat yourself on the back, going out for ice cream, dinner, a shopping trip to the mall or a movie are risky things to undertake and can’t be done safely. Finding a way to do something special is very limited. I have found something to treat myself that is fun and also a stress reliever. This special llama kit includes a nice size mug, a zippered pencil case, a zippered make-up size bag, a metal basket and yarn! This kit is practical, fun and very useful. Knitting up the yarn is relaxing and meditative. This kit posed no risk of latex exposure and is a great treat for yourself.

Treating yourself with something that is latex safe, relaxing and practical is fun, and best of all it won’t start an allergic reaction. There are no rubber bands, masking tape or duct tape contaminating these items. They will last a long time, are durable and high quality. So, when I want a treat, I shop online for some yarn from Knit Picks since I never had a reaction from anything they sent me. I do put a note on the order form about the latex allergy and I ask them not to use rubber bands, masking tape or duct tape in the order. I tell them that plastic bags are okay. I have always been able to use their yarns. The mug, basket and bags have been safe and the llama design makes me happy and smile every time I look at them.

So when you want to suggest a gift or want to buy yourself something, this llama kit comes with lots of treats from zipper pouches, a basket, mug and a cute mug that will last you for years to come and will give you a new project to make with some very special, soft, billow yarn. Click on the image and you will be taken right to the video about the Llama Kit. Enjoy!

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