Easy, Low-Cost, Latex-free Blanket You Can Make for Gifts and Yourself

Finding latex-free craft projects, things you can make, that are economical and safe for you to work on can be really tricky. Here is a very easy gift idea you can make for your friends, family, yourself and even pets!

Finding latex-free craft projects, things you can make, that are economical and safe for you to work on can be really tricky. Here is a very easy gift idea you can make for your friends, family, yourself and even pets! It is a soft, easy care, polar fleece blanket. This fabric is 100% polyester so it is latex-free, lycra-free, spandex-free and elastane free. It is durable and can be machine washed and dried over and over without showing wear or falling apart. Some of my polar fleece blankets are older than 20 years and still going strong; with allergies you know you have to wash everything frequently in hot temperatures, including blankets. Last but not least, these blankets are really easy to make!


Baum Winterfleece Northern LightsEverybody likes a nice warm blanket when napping on the couch, in the car, in a chair or in bed. These polar fleece blankets can be made in a variety of sizes from the infant crib blanket to a tall adult size. Most of the fleece is 54-60” wide and then you just choose the length from there, such as 40” for a baby crib to 2 ½ yards long for the tall people in your life. They will be surprised to have a blanket long enough to wrap their feet in that reaches over their shoulders! Custom made! There is also a great variety of solid colors and a wide variety of prints from baby blanket themes, monkeys, sports teams and sports themes, hearts, animals, paw prints, stars and others too numerous to mention. So, you will be able to make a custom size and personalized print sure to please the person you are making it for.Wildlife Fleece Prints Valentine's Puppies Fleece Multi
The only supplies you need are the polar fleece fabric, laundry detergent and a washer and dryer to pre-wash the fabric before you cut it and a very sharp pair of scissors. Here is a video link you can watch to see how super simple it is to make. Kids old enough to use a sharp scissors can even help. They can even make them for, or with their friends.
Whisper Plush Fleece Unicorn Cool PinkThe polar fleece is 100% polyester so no spandex, lycra, latex or elastane is in this fabric making it a great project if you are allergic to latex, or for someone you know allergic to latex. Be sure to prewash the fabric in hot water and use a hot dryer before cutting the selvedge or fringes in case there might be latex contamination from the warehouse or store from where you get the fabric. Here is a link to an online fabric store that I use with a huge selection of polar fleece. I ask them not to use rubber bands, masking tape or duct tape so I can practice latex avoidance. I also tell them that plastic is okay since they sometimes are not sure if they can use plastic bags.Baum Winterfleece Meow Club

Baum Winterfleece Owls MultiI hope you enjoy making some practical, useful, latex-free blankets for gifts for your loved ones, friends and yourself. These blankets will be appreciated because you made them with love, they are easy care, will last a long, long time and won’t be too expensive for you to make. Making them yourself or with kids in your family or youth groups will be a great moment of togetherness. You will be making a difference in the world, one blanket at a time. Thank you for reading this blog. If you have other people you make these blankets for or other things you make with this polar fleece, please share in the comments. We need to help each other. Thanks a million.Baum Winterfleece Elephants Multi

Polar Fleece

Hurray! Latex-free, Spandex-Free, Lycra-free SOCKS!

One thing we take for granted in our everyday life is we will wear socks on our feet. When you are allergic to latex, you may also have a sensitivity to Spandex, Lycra and Elastane which is another name for Spandex. The challenge lies in finding a pair of socks that does not use natural rubber, Spandex, Lycra and Elastane. My solution to the problem was learning to knit socks that only had cotton, or washable wool with nylon. However, it takes me a long time to knit socks. The rubber, Spandex, Lycra and Elastane can cause itching, hives and anaphylaxis so these must be on you list of 100% latex avoidance for survival.

There are now socks available, from a company who listened and addressed our problem. The name is Cottonique. They make them in a natural color and black color. They are:

Latex-free Socks!!!
  • 100% organic
  • pH balanced
  • Chemical Free
  • Dye free
  • Bleach free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Latex free
  • Spandex free
  • No optical brighteners
  • No silicone softeners

They come in a few different sizes. They fit well and are washer and dryer safe. This company also started manufacturing some socks with Lycra and Spandex so you have to be careful to purchase the correct ones, so if you click here, you will go to the correct socks.

Our prayers have been answered that we can get socks that fit our feet that we don’t have to knit ourselves. Shout from the highest mountain to spread the word so we keep the demand up for these awesome socks! Thank you Cottonique! (www.cottonique.com)