No Latex in this Oliso Iron! Basic Home Tools

No latex is used in this smart iron. The iron will lower with the touch of your hand and lifts when you’ve stopped ironing!

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Nice Oliso Iron. No Latex!

Iron freely without worry of being contaminated with latex. I just bought this iron and it works like a dream, has many steam settings and raises itself up when you stop touching the iron so it won’t scorch your ironing project! Plus this one comes in so many colors. I like the purple one.

I have email, written confirmation that they do not use natural rubber latex in this iron.

Author: D Green

I am an RN who has had anaphylaxis to latex for 20 years. This has changed my life and the plans I had for me and my family. Since latex in the environment is not able to be seen, latex avoidance is difficult to achieve. Anaphylactic reactions occur if I eat it, breathe it or touch it. I have missed all major life events of my family including graduations, concerts, weddings and funerals. I have not been able to work in the profession of nursing, and subsequently living at poverty level income has resulted because of this disabling allergy. I hope to help those allergic to latex and their families understand the importance of latex avoidance for survival and to help ease the stress of living with this life threatening allergy.

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