Change Those Pillow Cases Frequently to Keep Allergies to Dust Mites in Check

Did you ever wake up after sleeping all night with a really itchy face, runny nose, blocked ears or an achy chest and wonder why? Find out how to clean up the dust mite allergens in your bed by reading this quick blog.

Did you ever wake up after sleeping all night with a really itchy face, runny nose, blocked ears or an achy chest and wonder why? An allergist would probably do a skin prick test for dust mite allergy. It is common enough but what can you do about it?

There are volumes written on dust mite allergy treatment. Just taking care of the bed alone means encasing the mattress and box springs with special zippered covers that have polyurethane lining in them or just cotton with a very tight weave which keeps the dust mites and their decaying powdered carcasses inside. The pillow is a similar matter, getting new pillows, putting them inside the special zippered dust mite covers similar to the mattress and washing ALL of the bedding, blankets, sheets and pillow cases EVERY WEEK in hot water and drying them in a hot dryer. Sometimes a mid-week fresh pillow case change is helpful too; but my sheet set only came with two pillow cases so what is a person to do for more pillow cases? Keep reading and we will solve this problem.

Getting some extra pillow cases will help keep the dust mite allergy symptoms at bay. You can buy some extras or make some. This is how I helped decrease my own symptoms. Here is a link where you can get some pretty cool, interesting and unique pillow cases. You can also make some extra pillows cases yourself by following this video link. Buy some cool novelty cotton fabrics that have fun designs of things you or your family members like, such as bacon, llamas, dogs, cats, motorcycles, holiday prints, sports and so much more. Here is a link to my favorite fabric store. I tell them I am allergic to latex in the special instructions box on the order form and ask them not to use rubber bands, masking tape or duct tape and they take special care so they don’t use those things that would start a reaction for me. They ship quickly too and I have never been disappointed with their high-quality cotton fabrics.
There are many other things you can do throughout your home to control dust mite allergies but the bedding is one of the first things to get under control. You can help yourself and your family manage this part of your home by weekly bed linen washing and mid-week pillow case changes. This is just one more step to enjoying life with less dust mite allergy symptoms. Thank you for reading this blog. If you have other things you do to help with dust mite allergies, please share in the comments. We need to help each other. Thanks a million.

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