Stethoscope Made By Littmann is not made with latex!

Stethoscope found that is not made with natural rubber latex! Lots of colors to choose in this high quality stethoscope.

Latex Free Stethoscope

Inch by inch as we cautiously go through life, trying to practice latex avoidance, one by one we find things that are safe for us to touch, breath and eat. We need to share these items with each other to add quality to our lives.

This week I could not find my own latex-free stethoscope and it put me in a panic because it was the only one I knew to be latex-free.

Ordering a new one was a bit of an adventure, but alas, The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope fit the bill. They come in quite a variety of colors, 25 of them on Amazon (see the link below). They have high acoustic sensitivity with  dual single-piece diaphragms and are versatile for adult and pediatric people. They have a small side diaphragm to prevent debris from getting into the open bell, snap tight soft-sealing eartips and next generation longer-life tubing.  The box  says it is not made with natural rubber latex! To boot, they are made in the USA!!! These stethoscopes also come with a 5 year warranty.

Buy one for yourself and tell your doctor and hospital about these for patient safety. You can click on the link below to go directly to this particular stethoscope. Thank you Littmann!